Spice up your Events and boost your Social Media presence

Private Events, Weddings, Trade Shows, Festivals, Product Launches, Openings, Corporate Events, Conferences...


Connect with your guests by displaying their crowd sourced Instagrams at events such as festivals, weddings, corporate events, forums, concerts, and openings.

A lot of the screens in venues display static content and ads which are dull and boring. You can make your screen more engaging and dynamic by displaying FrameFeeed on it.

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How it Works?

1. Download and Start

FrameFeed is available for MacOSX & Windows

Step 1

2. Define a Hashtag

Make sure your Hashtag has been used already

Step 2

3. Visualize

Select a Visual Effect and let FrameFeed do the rest

Step 3

Why Choosing FrameFeed?

A unique and entirely customizable solution to fit events needs
  • Entertain your Crowd
  • Collect their Pictures and Reactions
  • Increase your Social Media Exposure
  • Interact with your Audiance
  • FrameFeed can be designed with your desired look and feel


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